blue eye


Today I shed a tear of grief for love lost and

as its cool watery wetness trickles down my face,

I take a moment to honour the memory of all

that I have loved and lost,

and then come to find love for again

without needing to be entwined with them


Today I shed a tear of joy

for the wisdom that has shown me

That love is there to be embraced

in every moment and with every soul,

new and known to me

in each and every encounter.


Today Grace showed her face to me,

in the face of my own acceptance

after muting my grandiose notions

of what I wanted her to deliver

and brought me exactly what I needed,

as I shifted my disappointment and grief

swiftly and unwaveringly into surrender,

and let them go.
Today I could feel the essence of me,

my own centre, my core, my me

as I allowed myself to be touched,

deeply and intimately by that

which I have come to trust and

know so well,


I felt myself blossoming

like the white pink lotus flower

on the surface green

of the tranquil pond,

where the fish swim silently and effortlessly

beneath the surface


Last night, the dance called me

to be with the wooden floors

and to connect my feet to the energy that is the earth

and all that belongs to her

and as I did, I cried rivers of tears

for myself and all those precious souls in the world

that are not able to shed their own


Tonight I offer both my strength and my vulnerability

standing side by side as their tears mingle with mine

and I can no longer not feel the yearning

which I have buried, ignored and cast aside

in favour of safer and less vulnerable pursuits.


Tonight I can no longer not acknowledge

the longing to be held by another

to feel the strong warm presence

of a solid male form behind me,

enfolding me in welcoming arms,

and embracing me with strength and centredness

giving space for me to just be me, the woman that I am.


And as I feel the longing,

the yearning, the squeeze, the ache,

a dull but deep pain at the back of my throat,

I squeeze my eyelids together and my brow furrows,  I

feel the tears once again trickle

a gentle pathway down my face

and my consciousness follows their trajectory

downwards in a slow rolling meandering motion

right until the very moment

they drop off the edge

of my weary chin

and fall to the ground in a timeless descent


Do not be ashamed of your tears, beloved

they are the water that flows from Gods eyes

through your eyes

to nourish the heart of the earth,

planting humble seeds that

germinate into new life.




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