This too shall pass by Liandre Vaughan

This too shall pass. Four words that gave me sanity during the tumultuous time of my divorce.
For four years post divorce, I wore a ring inscribed with these very words.
I even wrote those words on an A2 piece of cardboard and stuck it up on my bedroom wall.
It gave me perspective. It gave me hope. It gave me focus.

During my darkest days, a friend of mine sent me this: she had been inspired by the phrase “This too shall pass”:

“Everything is temporary in this illusion of life.
Nothing is forever – not good and not bad, not happy or rough, not pain and not bliss.
Before every winter there is an autumn and after every winter there is a spring.
We need bad times too, for that is when we grow. It is only in darkness that we truly celebrate and appreciate the light.
In our arrogance we think we create the light, but in darkness we realise that it is not solely through or from ourselves that we will touch the light again.
We are in human form in this life – we have a body to experience this earthly life.
We need to fully savour that which this life has to offer.
Sometimes we need pain or suffering in order to grow.
Nothing is forever. But here we are blessed with choice.
We can choose to navigate through the darkness and seize the opportunity to grow (though this is not always easy). We can have faith that we will find the spark to illuminate the darkness.
We can choose to appreciate each blessing of light and beauty.
We can choose to weather the storm and grow stronger.
We can chose to have the knowing that each moment of joy is a blessing and to remain thankful for it.
Pain gives us empathy.
Joy gives us the ability to share light with others.
Through pain we are carried.
Through joy we carry others.
Remember, everything is temporary.
Smell the flowers when they bloom.
Use an umbrella when it rains.

This too shall pass…”

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