Survive and Thrive – from Breakup to Breakthrough

Divorce is rated as one of the most stressful life experiences, right up there with emigration and death of a spouse. It can be a tremendously traumatic time. When you’re in it, you may not even be able to imagine ever being happy again. You also not even be able to contemplate rebuilding your life.


Stacey Lewis (founder of, mediator, divorce coach and author of “Divorce 101:Survive and Thrive” and Philippa Levitt (collaborative divorce attorney and Debbie Ford Transformational Divorce Coach) come together in this unique, one of a kind workshop to talk about and demonstrate how best to navigate your post- breakup/ divorce experience using Stacey’s inspiring divorce story as the example.

On this workshop, we offer an opportunity to:

  • Learn how to master your emotions.
  • Learn how to strip your story of disempowering meanings, cognitive distortions and half truths to uncover a true narrative so you can ditch the drama and sadness that holds you back  from living your best life.
  • Learn how to distinguish  between what you are responsible for and what is not your responsibility , so that you can have the energy to focus ONLY on what is your responsibility and in your control.
  • See with clarity how you unwittingly helped create the situation you are in, so that you never have to repeat or relive it.
  • Uncover and replace disempowering core beliefs that keep you stuck and always feeling like a victim.
  • Begin to cultivate trust in a bigger picture so you can build an unshakeable foundation and deep roots going forward.
  • Learn how to find the gifts and the wisdom that this experience came into your life to deliver to you.
  • Learn how and why you should choose forgiveness and happiness.

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