Starting right now by Mandy Levin (divorce blogger)

Imagine if instead of seeing your divorce as an ending, you decided to see it as a beautiful new beginning. I mean why not? I can hear what’s happening in your head – no one will ever want me … I’m going to be alone … I can’t do this by myself … I’m not attractive… I’m an idiot… STOP!

Decide – I want to feel better!! I’m through with feeling like a victim and like I’m no longer important or special!!!

I have been in that miserable place and you know what? It absolutely stinks there!!! Leave!!

Here is the first simple tool that YOU can use right now to start turning from a grey moth into a soaring and colorful butterfly!!

  • CHANGE your language!!! Speak to yourself as if you were speaking to someone that you love!!! WOW,that would be something amazing!! Yes I mean it!! You are worthy of self love!! You are worthy of self respect!! There are more than enough people to knock you down, no? Demand love from yourself. Wake up and go to sleep saying something loving and encouraging to yourself, like….

Well done, I got through another day, I am stronger than I thought!!

I can do this and I am going to!!!

I deserve to be happy!!

I am an awesome human!!


What I have learned, is that even though your self esteem has been shredded, the effort to catch and stop yourself when you want to speak to yourself in an ugly way is worth it! NEVER underestimate the enormous power of using positive language when speaking to yourself or about yourself – YOU are listening and if your children are around – they are listening too! I began this I love myself journey after my marriage ended and it began with hand written notes on my mirrors, my light switches and in my car!! So basic but so effective!

You don’t allow others to insult you I hope!! So this is the moment to decide that you speak lovingly to yourself! I believe in you! Start believing in yourself!!

  • Next week find out how a small physical change can change your energy and help you feel so much better!


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