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POWERFUL tools for your children by Stacey Lewis

As a divorced woman, you are going through a storm of emotion; and so are your kids. Like little sponges, they pick up on your emotions and they are experiencing strong emotions of their own. It is common for children from divorced homes to feel different from their peers. This sense of otherness can often impact on self-esteem and confidence. The question is, HOW do we develop our children’s self-confidence (and our own) while we are going through this time?
This is something I have often wondered about and I have just recently discovered the work of Alicia Thomas-Woolf, who has developed an anti-bullying system called Powerful. What I love about this work is its simplicity, yet effectiveness. It is a combination of book, song and action that gives the children the tools to create their own self-confidence and handle their own emotions. I love how it makes kids as young as three (the age group it was specifically developed for) big enough to empower themselves. It works for older kids too and the change can be dramatic in how they go on to be themselves in the world.
Handling your own emotions in a divorce can be all consuming. There might be times when just getting yourself through the day is enormous. Imagine if you could help your kids be okay, which will help you feel okay – life becomes more manageable.
Alicia runs courses and she also offers individual sessions for children and adults. One session can be transformational.

For more information, visit http://aliciathomaswoolf.com

This song can be purchased at: http://cdbaby.com/cd/misttree4 

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