My Journey So Far

Ladies, please note this was not written by a divorcee but by a widow. She has shared with us how Yoga helped her find herself again after her trauma and loss:

In March 2010, my husband of almost 17 years, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. We went from a happy, full four cornered square family, to a very sad, incomplete/empty triangle of three. My husband and our two sons aged 11 & 14 were inseparable. Darryl was an
incredible hands-on father and a highly attentive, compassionate husband. Overnight we lost our 4th corner, our grounding, our best friend, my partner, and my kid’s father. Shocking and
heart-breaking all at once!!!

I buried my sadness in trying to hold everything together for the family, old and young, alike.
About six months later I bumped into an old friend who teaches yoga… I went to my first class that night. I will admit I left there asking ‘Omg, does anyone actually like This?’. I felt clumsy and inflexible, but as the weeks passed, I realised that this time on the mat was beginning to open me up in many ways…Physically, emotionally and mentally. The calmness, compassion and awareness of self I was finding on the mat was spilling over into my everyday life. Things flowed better, I was happier and more patient with those around me, especially my kids. Not everything had to be perfect – there is a beauty in trying your best and seeing what that is today and not having a preconceived idea of what that is according to someone else. Yoga has given me confidence in embracing who I am and being proud of it. I have seen that as long as you can stay in your integrity, as you do with a pose, it doesn’t matter whether your foot is behind your head or not. What matters is that your alignment is on track and you are honouring yourself completely.
I have since done my yoga teaching training..I was one of the oldest in the class and I was proud of it! I regularly incorporate my yoga in my integrated healing sessions. This helps give my clients increased body awareness and allows a centering and grounding of self. This also helps their posture and really allows them to get in touch with their breath.
Yoga has definitely helped me to find who I am to stay on track in this very stressful environment we live in.
Hoping you all find your centre.

Melissa Luboff
Yoga Instructor and Holistic Healer

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