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How cognitive coaching can help you through your divorce

Cognitive Coaching is a process whereby the coach is actually a mediator, one who figuratively stands between a person and her thinking to help her become more aware of what is going on inside her head. Cognitive Coaching uses an understanding of human behaviour to facilitate change, to help people understand their own behavioural preferences and allow them to be much more effective in reaching their goals, overcoming obstacles and dealing with others.

The strategies, activities, techniques and exercises used are effective in helping individuals identify and challenge individual thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are self-defeating. During the divorce process, it is so common to experience grief, anger and resentment. It is also so common to become caught up in a cycle of negative thinking.

Negative thinking leads to negative emotions and negative emotions lead to negative behaviours, all of which has an effect on an individual’s body and the outcome of their lives.

Many common daily challenges such as stress, lack of confidence, loss of meaning and purpose, poor communication skills usually lead back to an individual’s personal perception of self which can accelerate or hinder one’s success.
If someone can talk themselves into being miserable or ineffective they can talk themselves out of such feelings and learn the associated behaviours that will lead to success.
Whether emotional or practical, everything an individual needs to be successful can be traced back to a set of skills. Cognitive Coaching helps individuals develop such skills.

At the heart of Cognitive Coaching is the concept that each of us has resources that enable us to grow and change from within.
It is about helping clients deliver the results that they are struggling with and making sure that they continue to thrive and succeed.

As a Cognitive Coach, I am excited to assist you in transforming your divorce and empowering you to live a happy and successful life.

Lauren Rubin
Cognitive Coach
071 671 7390


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