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Financial Considerations when divorcing by Candice Kagan


  • Medical aid: Who pays? What type of plan do you/your children need?
  • Life cover: Do you and your ex have cover? Is it sufficient and the most cost effective option?
  • Disability cover: Are you covered with regards your new level of required income?
  • Dread disease: Do you have a lump sum benefit in place?
  • Retirement: Have you re-evaluated your retirement plan to suit your circumstances? Do you have a will in place? When was it last updated? Have you looked at your beneficiary structures? They will need updating.


These are all the areas of concern that you will need to evaluate. We will waive our consulting fee to all who contact us from the page. 

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  1. Patricia Edwards

    I have none of these things in writing or plan. I have a lot to do ,and at age 56 , it is overwhelming , so I don’t do it…….thanks for the support.

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