Feeling good from the outside in by Stacey Lewis

Shifi Goodman is my personal shopper and image consultant.

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After Shifi found me two gorgeous dresses for my book launch the other day, we had a chat over coffee..

As a young girl, Shifi would watch her grandmother sew her own clothing late into the night. She loved spending time with her glamorous gran seeing her sew each stitch with love and care, and would be amazed as each  beautiful garment emerged. Shifis best part of sleeping at her gran were the mornings- she would sit on the edge of her bed in awe as her gran did her hair and make up impeccably, then carefully selecting her outfit from her perfectly arranged, colour co-ordinated wardrobe.

Even from such a young age, Shifi knew she loved the world of clothes and fashion and had great in-house training growing up with her 3 sisters and mom continuously shopping, swapping, and sharing each other’s make up, clothing and accessories!

She then went on to open a beautiful ladies boutique- ShiShi clothing, importing hand picked pieces from the USA carefully and lovingly with each customer in mind.

Shifi strongly believes that the way you look has a tremendous and powerful impact on the way you feel and therefore, the way you act.

Everyone has their fair share of challenges, and the right dress won’t take it away, but, says Shifi- it will certainly make you feel prettier, stronger and more confident in order to deal with what you have to!

“There are those days we just have to put on lipstick and smile no matter what, add a great dress and heels to the mix….and you’re ten steps ahead!”

Shifi says: “It’s about knowing what works and what doesn’t for YOU- enhancing your best features and cleverly disguising the parts that don’t make you feel that great. Who wouldn’t want that?”
Treat yourself- you deserve it!

Shifi starts off with analyzing your skin tone, features, colouring, body shape,lifestyle and budget and then offers the following:

1.Shopping companion – shop together with Shifi and get expert advice on the spot saving you time and sifting through the racks for the best items suited to your needs.

2.Shop4u-  she will shop on your behalf, sending you pics from the various stores, narrowing down the options, and deliver the items to your home, where you can try the clothes on at your leisure, or she will have a try-on session together with you and give advice, show you different options of how to wear the clothes and she will return the clothes that don’t work.

3.“Catch me at the curtain”– after the initial analysis, Shifi will shop on your behalf and set aside clothing for you at various stores. You can literally meet her “at the changing room curtain” and together make quick and easy decisions.

4.Wardrobe revamp– Shifi will visit your home, analyze your wardrobe and show you what best works for you, and what clothing needs togo! She will see what key pieces are missing and shop for these items. She will re invent your existing wardrobe giving you different mix n match options and take pics for you, making your outfit one less thing to think about in the morning.

“Often it takes a few new accessories or pieces to brighten up an outfit and bring to life forgotten pieces in your wardrobe.

Sometimes less is more and an orderly, un cluttered wardrobe can do wonders for our emotional well being”, says Shifi


R350 per hour. There is no charge for delivery of clothing and the wardrobe co-ordination following the personal shopping session.


Shifi says: “The right colours and clothes, are not only more aesthetically pleasing, but resonate with your soul, your energy and your being- enhance yourself from the outside in!”


Shifi can be contacted on 0845519892


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