Expert profile – Zerita Du Preez (Attorney)

Zerita du Preez completed her BA Law & LLB at the University of Pretoria. Zerita is an admitted attorney with right of appearance in the High Court.

From the start, Zerita began focusing on Family law and through her work wanted to ease the process for all parties involved. So often the divorcing couple get caught up in the divorce processthat they neglect to focus on the children who are caught in the tug of war. Zerita therefore tries to mediate the process in order to be as amicable as possible to ensure that all parties benefit. In most cases, it is the woman that is really caught in a place where she is unsure of herself, her future and her possibilities, and this is where Zerita makes a big difference in the industry. She tries to make the process (which can so easily become overwhelming) as easy and painless as possible and to ensure that after the divorce is finalised, the woman is set up for success and ready to face the new future ahead of her. Zerita is passionate about her profession and committed to achieving only the best results for her clients.

Zerita gained a wealth of experience in Family Law with her previous firms, but was specifically contacted to head the Family Law department at NVS Inc. Nel Van der Merwe and Smalman Attorneys is a law firm located in Pretoria East and offers many services including Conveyancing, Commercial Law, Agricultural, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Insolvency Law, Estate Planning and Cost Consultants. With 50 staff members, of which 19 are lawyers, you are assured of receiving the very best in service. Because of the variety of services NVS Inc has to offer, we can truly be considered YOUR LEGAL STRATEGIST!  Everybody at NVS Inc is passionate about their chosen professions AND their clients……let our service convince you!

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