Expert Profile – Philippa Levitt

Philippa Levitt HeaderPHILIPPA LEVITT is….

  •  A certified Integrative Coach with The Ford Institute in San Diego.
  • One of two Spiritual Divorce Coaches in South Africa.
  • One of 100 coaches worldwide personally trained by Debbie Ford in Leadership.
  • Part of a worldwide network of coaches, dedicated to bringing this evolutionary work into the world. She has coached people in London, Lebanon, Philadelphia, Denmark, Australia and in South Africa.
  • A non-practicing lawyer and founder of the first all female firm of attorneys in South Africa.
  • An exhibited artist.

Philippa studied and qualified as a lawyer in the early eighties at the University of the Witwatersrand and then completed her Articles of Association at Werksmans.

When her second child was born, she left the firm, but later formed her own all female firm of attorneys, the first of its kind in the country at that time. During this time she also studied Archaeology and did a fair amount of public interest work, such as representing emergency regulation detainees and working with sexually abused children at the Teddy Bear Clinic on weekends. The main focus of her all female firm was property, litigation and matrimonial work particularly divorce.

In the mid nineties she left active practice to pursue a lifelong interest in art, and at around the same time, a new passion was awakened in her, when she was exposed to the teachings in India of Deepak Chopra and Dennis Prager. Philippa was battling at the time to accept the death of her father and deal with other problems in her family that refused to yield to conventional healing modalities and this began an epic journey in search of a deeper truth, that continues to this day. She has had the privilege over the past 20 years of having been exposed to the ideas of some of the greatest hearts and minds in the field of personal transformation and esoteric philosophy. Her hard won realizations from this exploration as well as the experiences she has had as a result of her spirituality and the difficulties she has faced and overcome in her life, have all contributed to who she is today.

Keen to be able to share the wisdom she has accessed with others, Philippa became trained as an Integrative Coach with the Ford Institute in San Diego, specializing in divorce coaching.

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